Looking out at this dreary autumn day, the summer seems a distant memory. As the nights are drawing closer, and the central heating is being cranked up; settle down with a nice brew and a biscuit and reminisce with us. 

On the last weekend of August we attended a corporate celebration. 25 years in business – Glasto-style! As with all good festivals, the day started off bright and sunny. We’d had a rather exciting trip over to Surrey, travelling passed Hampton Court Palace and getting lost down some side streets. Disaster nearly struck as we turned into the festival site, a car behind us had clearly decided that it wasn’t worth paying attention to our indicator and overtook us AS WE WERE TURNING! We’ve mentioned the brakes before and to our surprise, emergency stopping is possible. Thank goodness! The site was already looking amazing with huge tents, a main stage, various bars and these huge flowers poking up out of the ground. We started setting up the “English Tea Garden” complete with white picket fencing and lollipop topiary.We had lots of delicious bakes on offer for the hungry festival goers:

* Chocolate Brownies
* Lemon Drizzle Cake
* Vanilla Cupcakes
* Scones with lashings of Clotted Cream and Jam
* Rocky Road
* English Madelines

All served with a choice of Char Teas or Pink Lemonade and served on our vintage China. The day was full of music, laughter, floral headbands, OppoSuits and smiles. It was really nice to see a company treating their employees to a celebration. Even though the rain eventually came, it was a brilliant day that we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. Thankyou to Air Charter Service – we hope everyone enjoyed the cake 🙂

After a busy summer, there was only one more thing we needed to do…                      There is no better end to a summer season than relaxing on the beach. Thanks to everyone who supported us 🙂 

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x  

Another Day, Another Tea Party

It almost feels like a lifetime ago, but on what was to become one of the last days of summer we attended a Corporate Tea Party on the edge of the New Forest.


Armed with gingham tablecloths, a whole host of vintage china, our delicious Char Teas and of course our delightful Citroen H Van, we turned a meeting room into a delightful space for a tea party.

Inside we laid up all the tables with crockery, whilst outside our Citroen H Van was parked up decorated with bunting and all the delicious cakes were on show.

teacups citroenhvan

On the menu we had quite a selection:

Chocolate Brownies
Rocky Road
Lemon Brownies
Mini Victoria Sponges
English Madeleines
Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

With the event expecting around 100 people that was ALOT of cake! At the event there was a self-service tea station, fully stocked with our selection of Char Tea and outside the cakes were served on our vintage side plates.

We couldn’t have been luckier with the weather, it was a typical late summers day with temperatures in the high teens and sunbeams coming through the leaves on the trees.

It was a lovely day to see out the last of the summer sun, can’t wait until it returns next year!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Tea for two…

..or one hundred for tea.

You read it right, a tea party for 100. At 3 cakes per head that’s a whopping 300 portions of cake that needed to be baked in one day!

We’d got home at a fairly reasonable time from Crawleyfest, but there was no time to rest. A trip to the supermarket beckoned in order to restock our ingredient shelves. It probably looked like we had issues at 10pm on a Saturday night buying that much butter, sugar and chocolate!

On the menu we had…

 * Rocky Road
 * Chocolate Brownies
 * Lemon Brownies
 * Mini Vanilla Cupcakes
 * Mini Victoria Sponges
 * English Madeleines


Fulfilling the order required 13 hours of almost non-stop baking. It was quite a relief that the weather has cooled since the really hot part of the summer so the kitchen stayed moderately cool.

The venue was Petersfield Community Centre, and we were supplying the tea and cake for a Corporate awards ceremony.


We set up two tables with our vintage cake stands and filled them with our delicious cakes. The hall was decorated with bunting, and the tables covered with gingham table clothes and covered in jam jars of flowers.


We set up camp in the kitchen and operated a tea station, serving delicious Char Teas in our delightful vintage teacups.

Tea Party

The cake flew off the stands, and the leftovers were boxed up to take back for the teams who couldn’t attend. Not a crumb remained.

It was lovely to see some recognition within an organisation for their employees, having come from a corporate background where things are rarely noted, it made a nice change to see that some industries do still care!

We hope that everyone enjoyed the tea party.

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

The South Wonston Village Fete

This weekend we were excited to be part of a local community effort here in South Wonston (where we are based). It was in aid of buying a defibrillator for use in the community. We wanted to get involved, but our usual Tea & Cake offering would have overstepped the mark with the local WI ladies. So we opted for Ice Cream – after all, what Village Fete would be complete without an Ice Cream. It’s practically an institution!

We set about finding a local-ish stockist of small tubs of ice cream and settled on Purbeck Ice Cream. Then it was just the small decision of picking which flavours we wanted to sell. We decided on…promoboard

* Serious Chocolate

* Clotted Cream

* Honeycombe Hash

* Strawberry Seduction

* Mint Choc Baby Chip


* Passion Fruit Sorbet


Then we had to decide our flavour split. We ended up favouring Serious Chocolate, Clotted Cream, & Honeycombe, and ordering lesser quantities of Strawberry, Mint Choc Chip and the Sorbet. A few days later our order arrived along with our promotional blackboard and we were ready to go – all we needed now was some nice weather.

The week leading up to the Fete was a scorcher, so we were a little disheartened to see the forecast for Saturday. But after a mega storm the night before, we were greeted with sunshine and cloudy skies all day (phew!).


We arrived early to find our pitch and set up the generator and decorate the van. We were eager to win the coveted ‘Best Dressed Stall’ award, so went to town with bunting and Honeycomb Paper Ice Creams. It paid off – because at about 4pm it was announced that we had won!

During the day there were some huge black clouds that passed over,  but they didn’t put off the crowds turning up to support the community.


We were parked up next to the friendly folk from Marwell Wildlife which made us look like we’d had a few exotic visitors…

menuandconeexoticvisitorsIt was a lovely opportunity to get involved in something positive for our local community and to talk to so many people who have seen us outside working on the van or driving her around over the last few months. All the feedback was brilliant, warmed our cockles it did.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the day and that lots of money was raised for the local community.

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

The Nostalgic Wedding Fair

Three weeks ago we were sitting at Heathrow Airport about to depart for Abu Dhabi when we got confirmation that there was vehicle space at The Nostalgic Wedding Fair (run by The Vintage Parade) at Winchester Guildhall. It meant we had to get our act together!

Following that email were a few weeks of hard graft getting the last few details of the van finished, a good deep clean inside and out all topped off with a coat of wax. All that was needed was some dressing up and some baking to showcase our offering to the Brides and Grooms of Winchester and beyond.

The night before was full of baking, writing up our new chalkboard (with bargain frame found on eBay) and colouring in cake labels when our printer ran out of ink!


We hit the hay about midnight knowing we’d be up early to get to the Guildhall and set up in time for opening.

Sunday arrived and the weather could not have been more perfect. Winchester is a glorious city to live in, but when the sun shines it draws out the crowds and it’s such a thriving place to be.


We arrived about 10am and soon realised that all the other vehicles were there and we’d lost our spot behind the Vintage Fire Engine. This was actually a blessing in disguise as we didn’t fancy attempting a parallel park.

After parking and opening the hatch we realised that because we were parked on the road that the hatch was too low to be overhanging a pavement. The situation had head injuries written all over it. So we moved away from the curb and decided to head over to The Hambledon to pick up some Honeycomb Paper Balls in Pink and Mint, as we had managed to leave the 6 we got in Sainsbury’s (ÂŁ3 for a pack of 3!) at home. They were enough of an attention grabber to highlight the hatch opening to passers by and avoiding a paper ball was a much better idea than not seeing a metal hatch.


It didn’t take long to arrange the Vintage China or the Cakes…


We took along a load of our Mosser cake stands, our vintage pressed glass cake stands and an assortment of our finest vintage china to showcase what we have on offer.

Sweet treats wise we had…

* A 4 layer Victoria Sponge topped with fresh fruit
* Merginues
* Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies
* Rocky Road
* Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Buttercream Roses
* Mini Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Vanilla Buttercream and Sprinkles
* 4" Pink Ombre Rose Cake

Everything looked fabulous – the van, the cakes, the china, the staff. We had our new flyers and promo badges displayed on the counter too.

Winchester was bustling with activity. Race for Life had taken place around the corner, the Farmers Market was in full swing and The Nostalgic Wedding Fair was drawing the crowds. We had a great day talking tea, cake, and all things vintage. Check out our Facebook page for the official photos from the event taken by the very talented Ash Darling Photography.

We hope everyone had a lovely day, and got lots of ideas for their weddings.

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Making a Difference

This past Bank Holiday weekend we got involved with a charity tea party fundraising for The Moldova Project. There was no baking involved, we just provided our lovely vintage tea cup trios (including our Melmex trios for the kids) and a variety of cake stands.

The day could not have been better; the sun was out, the jugs of Pimms were at the ready and the BBQ was fired up.

Tea Cup Trios

Vintage Tea Cup TriosThe teacups were gleaming in the sunshine. It really does warm our hearts to see new life breathed into items that have spent the best part of the last 30/40 years in storage or behind glass deemed too precious to use. Nothing this pretty should be put away. Ever.

Whilst we love baking and all things cakey, shop bought cakes do still make a great impression on our vintage china. Makes the difference between just a regular party spread and something that little bit special. This looks seriously inviting…

Tea Party

We hope that everyone who attended had a great day and raised lots of money for a very worthy cause.

If you have a charity event coming up and would like something a bit different, get in touch to discuss your requirements. We’d love to help out.

Lots of love

Martha’s Tea Party x

One Of Your Five a Day!

So we can’t actually vouch for that, but this carrot cake is packed full of carrots, sultanas, walnuts and orange zest and topped with pecans for extra punch. What’s the occasion? Well it’s Happy Friday of course!

This may or may not have been our breakfast here at HQ this morning…

Carrot Cake Close UpCarrot Cake and Milkshake  
This week we’ve been busy working on ‘secret’ business again. If all goes to plan (and keep your fingers & toes crossed that it does), we’ll be able to share our news after the weekend. It’s been an exciting and stressful journey just to get to this stage… and theres still two more days to go! *deep breaths*

In preparation though, some new signage has arrived. Currently living on the kitchen fridge, where it looks quite at home.

Pink Fridge Sign

BrandYou may have been wondering how the branding of Martha’s Tea Party originated. We have a very clever and talented friend who did the design for us, based on a load of collaboration work pulling out elements of other brands we admired on Pinterest. The final result was exactly what we were after and we can’t wait to see it in situ at the weekend.

On the thrifty finds front, this beautiful grey and pink Duchess China tea set arrived along with a pressed glass cake stand. All washed up and ready to be hired ❤

Vintage China

The last batch of cupcakes for the week are due to come out of the oven soon, we can’t wait to decorate them. We’ve been in fits of giggles all week! We’ll tell all next week. Until then, enjoy the weekend!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x