Cake, Sunshine and Good Times

Summer has well and truly arrived. With the hottest July day ever on record this week, we knew we were on for a weekend filled with sunshine.

Taste of Hampshire 2015

It had been a busy week of prep at Martha’s Tea Party HQ. A full wash and wax for our lovely little van was on the cards on Wednesday, ingredient shopping on Thursday and a Bake-a-Rama on Friday. It had been a year since we were last at Taste of Hampshire and we were determined to make it there in our van this time! This photo was spotted in the Southampton Airport Magazine a few weeks ago 🙂

Saturday started early, and our Sat Nav took us on some rather interesting roads through Leckford. Thankfully it was 7:30am so we didn’t pass a single a car. We were on site by 8am and raring to go for 10am when the first visitors started arriving.

We had lots of yummy cakes on the menu:

* Victoria Sponge
 * Peanut Butter Goo Bar
 * Chocolate Nostalgia Cake
 * Peanut Butter Cup Brownies
 * Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes
 * Chocolate Orange Brownies
 * Lemon & Poppyseed Drizzle Cake
 * Rocky Road
 * Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Brownies

Our pitch was right by the entrance and we stuck a sign on the front of our van so people could see what we were selling without having to walk round to the front.

We’ll be checking the papers for coverage of the event during the week, but we already spotted this little write up on the Daily Echo online.

Our stand looked lovely with all the cakes in domes, the bunting and the fresh flowers, many people came and commented. Made the extra effort flower arranging the day before worth it.

We sold out of Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Nostalgia Cake and nearly out of Lemon Drizzle. The crowd were loving a slice of cake in the sunshine. We also nearly sold out of our Char Winchester Breakfast, think we’ll need to restock before the next event!

We had a truly brilliant day, thank you to everyone who came down to support us and say hello!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Let it Go

As much as we’d love to see the back of Elsa and Anna for a little while, we are still in the midst of a Frozen Fever.

And who are we to deny anyone the right to ANOTHER Frozen themed birthday party.

Luckily for us, this Frozen cake was destined for the Martha of Martha’s Tea Party; and she’s born in summer, which makes the synthetic fibres of fancy dress far too stifling in the heat.

So what was the brief…

I want an Elsa dress cake Mummy!

Thanks YouTube, thanks a lot. Many of you will know our inability to work with roll out fondant. It’s goes against everything we believe a cake should be. We are a buttercream fuelled business.

So how on earth were we going to be able to do an Elsa dress like the ones Martha had seen on YouTube tutorials (incidentally, loving that she watches baking tutorials!).

We had a good think, and decided we could recreate a Frozen-esque dress using the Ombré Rose technique.

And thus the Elsa dress cake was born.

What not one of the YouTube tutorials had mentioned was how long Elsa’s legs were. This cake was seven, yes SEVEN layers of Vanilla Sponge, sandwiched with Vanilla Buttercream and Lemon Curd. We covered it with the OmbrĂ© Rose buttercream swirls and finished with Silver Dragees (always makes us smile how Silver Balls can be made to sound posh) and a good dose of glitter.

She was topped with a handmade card banner wishing the birthday Girl a happy day.

The weather was wonderful, the kids had fun, the cake was destroyed (much to a few passer by’s horror) and a lovely afternoon tea in the park was complete.

We used our Melaware trios for squash and sarnies due to their indestructible nature. A park bench covered with a gingham tablecloth turned a normal park picnic into something a little more special.

And our alternative party bags went down a storm. After reading an article on how kids are more likely to think a party bag is more exciting if it looks more exciting, we thought we’d give it a go. Kraft Takeaway Boxes, Martha’s Tea Party style.

We think this style of Birthday Cake would work for any Disney Princess or Barbie, who would you pick?

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

The Joy of One

We were asked to make some treats for a 1st Birthday Party. The Pink Rose Ombre cake is perfect for such an occasion. It’s buttercream rose swirls in varying shades of pink are as delightful as they are delicious.

Ombre Rose Cake

We complimented it with a batch of vanilla cupcakes in matching varying shades of pink buttercream and a box of freshly baked scones.

Rose Ombre Cupcakes

We hope the party went well, and not too much of the cake was smushed around the edges of the mouth 🙂

Lots of love

Martha’s Tea Party x

One in the Oven…

We were asked to make some delicious bakes for a little afternoon gathering to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of a little baby girl.

On the menu we had…

Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Vanilla Buttercream
Double Vanilla Cupcakes filled with Raspberry Jam
Chocolate Brownies
Lemon Drizzle Loaf

The brief was to keep the cakes girly, but not over the top. We love an excuse to make pretty pink cupcakes!

Baby Shower CupcakesGirl Cupcakes

We swirled buttercream on the top of each cupcake and decorated with sugar pearls and buttercream roses. Half of the cupcakes were filled with Raspberry Jam – yum!

Buttercream Rose

Next up was the Chocolate Brownies. Bar upon bar of chocolate went into these, both into the cake mix and for the chocolate chips. We just love that crispy top that you get on Chocolate Brownies after they come out of the oven, hiding the deliciously gooey underneath.

Chocolate Brownie

Finally, there was the Lemon Drizzle Loaf. Lemon juice and zest went into the cake mix AND the drizzle. Resulting in a moist lemony sponge that no one would be able to resist.

Lemon Drizzle Loaf

We hope that a good time was had by everyone, but especially Hannah – Good luck for your forthcoming arrival!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Chocolate Nostalgia Cake

Some say that margarine has no place on this earth. Whilst we would usually agree, there are times where it really does make a cake or dessert something rather special. Not special in a grand way, just special in the way it evokes old memories.

This is where Chocolate Nostalgia Cake comes in.

Chocolate Nostalgia Cake

You know those chocolate cakes you had as a child? This is one of those. It’s all the birthday cakes topped with Smarties, the summer picnics trying to keep it safe from wasps, the glasses of squash alongside after a bike ride with friends. You will all have a relative who still makes cake like this.

It’s simple cake; no exciting ingredients, just a simple sponge mix using margarine in place of butter. Without the richness that the butter would usually add, it forces the other ingredients to shine – and they do just that. It’s a deliciously sweet chocolate cake that would be as at home at a 1 year olds birthday party as it would a 100 year olds. There’s something about it that just makes everyone smile.

What we like about this cake is that it provides a blank canvas for decoration. Be it sprinkles, glitter, sweets or buttercream roses, or a combination of all of the above. It can tailored to any occasion.

Chocolate Nostalgia Cake

We’ve decorated ours with Smarties and a bright pink buttercream rose right at the centre. If you have a special occasion coming up, or just want a trip down memory lane, drop us a line and we’ll make it happen.


Martha’s Tea Party x

Bella’s Birthday Bash

This weekend we had the pleasure of baking for a very special person, Nicola’s niece Isabella. She was turning the grand old age of 1. Where the last 12 months had gone, we weren’t sure but we were super stoked to be able to get involved in such a special occasion.

The theme of the cake was something we could easily get on board with – “pink!”

What resulted can only be described as an Ombre-ama. 4 layers of Pink Ombre Vanilla Sponge, covered with Pink Ombre Buttercream Roses.

Rose Ombre Buttercream Cake

Late Thursday evening it was decided that the vintage pressed glass cake stands in stock just weren’t going to do this beauty justice. So on Friday we whizzed into Winchester to The Hambledon to get a new Mosser Milk Glass Stand. Whilst there we were given a suggestion to stack the 12″, 9″ and 6″ stands to make a 3 tier tower. This is now something that has to be done… and soon – and what a great excuse to get more cake stands in the process. All of which will be available for hire.

The sponge was coloured accordingly and baked into 4 layers. Which in turn was layered with uncoloured vanilla buttercream (to give the nice white stripes separating the layers when cut) and crumb coated in the same.

Next came the buttercream roses. 4 varying shades of pink, from the deepest rose pink up to the palest to match the sponge inside.

Rose Ombre Buttercream Close Up

Rose Ombre Buttercream

It was great fun to pipe all those swirly roses and they make such an amazing visual impact.

Once at the venue, it was time to add some trimmings. First was the all important ‘1’ candle. This one is by Wilton (no pun intended). Next came some mini cake bunting…

First Birthday Cake

The cake bunting is a simple, yet effective way of incorporating extra colour, structure and height into a cake. This one was made from patterned paper and bakers twine. The colours worked great with the Pearl & Earl decorations that had been used to cover the hall ceiling.

Birthday Cake Bunting

The first peak inside the cake was pretty exciting, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking colouring sponge mix before baking and then not seeing the finished article until its finally cut, but it was perfect.

Inside the Ombre Sponge Cake

Now the perks of being invited to the party meant we were able to nab a slice and go and enjoy it! 

Pink Ombre Sponge Cake

Happy First Birthday Isabella! We hope you had a lovely day, enjoyed the cake and got lots of lovely pressies.


Martha’s Tea Party x