Cups + Saucers

We have an ever growing collection of Vintage China for you to hire for your event:

Vintage China

Tea Cup Trios (inc. Cake Fork, Dessert Knife & Teaspoon)
Milk Jugs
Sugar Bowls (inc. Sugar Tongs)
3 Tier Cake Stands

Vintage Glass

Pressed Glass Cake Stands
Cut Glass Bowls
Cut Glass Plates

Milk Glass Cake Stands

12" White Milk Glass Cake Stand
9" Jadeite Milk Glass Cake Stand

Got a children’s party coming up? We have a selection of vintage melamine available to hire, let them have a tea party without the fear of a china breakage!

Vintage Gaydon Melmex

Tea Cup Trios
Milk Jug

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

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