Let it Go

As much as we’d love to see the back of Elsa and Anna for a little while, we are still in the midst of a Frozen Fever.

And who are we to deny anyone the right to ANOTHER Frozen themed birthday party.

Luckily for us, this Frozen cake was destined for the Martha of Martha’s Tea Party; and she’s born in summer, which makes the synthetic fibres of fancy dress far too stifling in the heat.

So what was the brief…

I want an Elsa dress cake Mummy!

Thanks YouTube, thanks a lot. Many of you will know our inability to work with roll out fondant. It’s goes against everything we believe a cake should be. We are a buttercream fuelled business.

So how on earth were we going to be able to do an Elsa dress like the ones Martha had seen on YouTube tutorials (incidentally, loving that she watches baking tutorials!).

We had a good think, and decided we could recreate a Frozen-esque dress using the Ombré Rose technique.

And thus the Elsa dress cake was born.

What not one of the YouTube tutorials had mentioned was how long Elsa’s legs were. This cake was seven, yes SEVEN layers of Vanilla Sponge, sandwiched with Vanilla Buttercream and Lemon Curd. We covered it with the Ombré Rose buttercream swirls and finished with Silver Dragees (always makes us smile how Silver Balls can be made to sound posh) and a good dose of glitter.

She was topped with a handmade card banner wishing the birthday Girl a happy day.

The weather was wonderful, the kids had fun, the cake was destroyed (much to a few passer by’s horror) and a lovely afternoon tea in the park was complete.

We used our Melaware trios for squash and sarnies due to their indestructible nature. A park bench covered with a gingham tablecloth turned a normal park picnic into something a little more special.

And our alternative party bags went down a storm. After reading an article on how kids are more likely to think a party bag is more exciting if it looks more exciting, we thought we’d give it a go. Kraft Takeaway Boxes, Martha’s Tea Party style.

We think this style of Birthday Cake would work for any Disney Princess or Barbie, who would you pick?

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Who doesn’t like Chocolate Nostalgia Cake?

It seems like it’s our most requested Birthday Cake these days.
What is it about the simple chocolate sponge, stacked and topped with chocolate butter cream…

…covered in Smarties that works so well?

Kids love it, grown ups love it – everyone loves Chocolate Nostalgia Cake.

To be honest, what’s not to love? 😉

Martha’s Tea Party x

The Joy of One

We were asked to make some treats for a 1st Birthday Party. The Pink Rose Ombre cake is perfect for such an occasion. It’s buttercream rose swirls in varying shades of pink are as delightful as they are delicious.

Ombre Rose Cake

We complimented it with a batch of vanilla cupcakes in matching varying shades of pink buttercream and a box of freshly baked scones.

Rose Ombre Cupcakes

We hope the party went well, and not too much of the cake was smushed around the edges of the mouth 🙂

Lots of love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Latest Bakes

We’ve had a little break from the kitchen recently with lots of work being done on our Citroen H Van, so when we did get the ovens fired up, it seemed like a good idea to experiment with some new flavours…

PB&J   - Vanilla Sponge filled with Raspberry Jam, topped with 
         Peanut Butter Frosting 
Carrot - Carrot Cake (with oodles of raisins and walnuts), topped with 
         an orange cream cheese frosting and a pecan 
Lemon  - deliciously moist lemon sponge, with lemon drizzle and a 
         lemon icing top. So much lemon, not enough time.

From left to right; PB&J, Carrot and Lemon…

Cupcake Selection Box

The reports back from the lucky guys and gals that got to try these were positive, we too can vouch for their deliciousness. The Carrot was deliciously dense and moist, the Lemon was zingy and sweet and the PB&J was everything you need in a cupcake and more.

We also had a very special birthday. The actual Martha of Martha’s Tea Party turned a grand old age of 3.


Now any of you who either have children or have spent time with a nearly 3 year old will understand their requirement to get involved. So this bake is not representative of the standard of our usual cakes as we had two small hands assisting us and consuming bits as they went.  But the end result was a delicious chocolate cake (made to our Chocolate Nostalgia Cake recipe), covered in sprinkles and Smarties, and one very happy 3 year old who got to eat some for breakfast (…and lunch and dinner).


We figured that a member of the wider team turning 3 was a good enough excuse to expand our Mosser Glass cake stand collection. So with a little girl who’s in love with pink, it seemed only right that we went with the 6″ in Tuscan Pink from The Hambledon, our local stockist (how lucky are we!). This is now available with 4″ cakes or to hire alone.

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Martha and the Chocolate Factory

This week has been all about chocolate. 1.1kg of deliciously dark chocolate to be precise.

First up was a birthday cake to celebrate 4 years in business at AFS CrossFit.

AFS CrossFit Chocolate Cake

We made 3 layers of moist Chocolate Sponge, sandwiched them together with Chocolate Buttercream and covered the whole lot in Chocolate Ganache. The cake was decorated with a variety of orange and white sprinkles to complement the logo and some gold stars for good measure. We finished it off with an icing logo from Eat Your Photo and 4 orange candles as it was a birthday cake after all.

Icing Logo

“#arterialdestructionaccomplished” was the feedback we received, so it’s fair to say that the level of chocolate involved did the job!

Next up was some Mint Chocolate Brownies for a networking event in Winchester. It’s the first time we’ve done the whole networking thing, so what better way to make an introduction than to give out edibles with business card details attached. We made our brownies with a mixture of plain and mint chocolate and added a chopped bar of chocolate for the chips. After mixing up the Brownies there was a real moment of internal debate about whether to sack off the whole event and just sit down with a spoon and eat the mixture or to put them in the oven. Thankfully, we managed to get them into the oven without mishap.Baking Brownies

Once they had cooled down, we sliced them up into small squares, slipped them into bags and sealed with a branded card with our contact details on. The finished product was simple, but effective. These would work well for party favours or alternative place settings.

Promotional Brownies

We’ve got more bakes coming to the blog soon, along with the long awaited post about the interior of the van. Wishing you all a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

Confetti Sprinkle Explosion!

Whoever said “less is more” was clearly not referring to sprinkles when they coined the phrase. As far as we’re concerned there is no such thing when sprinkles are involved.

Chocolate Confetti Sprinkle Cake

This weekend we had a birthday order to fulfil. So we set about making 3 layers of rich chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with raspberry buttercream and covered the whole lot in a dark chocolate ganache.

Then came the decoration. We made a Happy Birthday plaque and used 4 types of sprinkles. The result was a confetti sprinkle explosion!

We used traditional sprinkles, small confetti sprinkles, large stars and mini gold stars. The larger pink stars and pink Happy Birthday plaque tied together really nicely with the pink Raspberry Buttercream on the inside of the cake.

Close up of SprinklesChocolate Confetti Sprinkle Cake

We sent the cake off on a 9″ Jadeite Milk Glass Stand which complimented the colour explosion on the top of the cake.

Chocolate Confetti Sprinkle Cake

We hope that you had a lovely day, Happy Birthday Nigel!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x