From an early age there have always been Tea Parties. Be it cardboard box cakes with teddy bears and dolls or a birthday party tea. It seems it has always been flowing through my veins but I never really realised.
photo 2

Then in 2013, I was given the opportunity to pursue something I’ve been dreaming of for the last decade and Martha’s Tea Party was born.

Here at Martha’s Tea Party we aim to provide you with everything you need to make your tea party a success. From the cakes, to the china, to the styling, we will be as hands on or as hands off as you need us to be. Whether its a party for 10 or 100, we can work with you to ensure that your Tea Party tastes as super as it looks. Together with our 1958 Citroen H Van, we hope to add something special and memorable to your event.

But who is Martha? Not me. I’m Nicola, the owner and operator of Martha’s Tea Party. Martha is my amazing daughter who has inspired the name after countless Tea Parties on the living room floor with Harry Pig.

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