You All Everybody

Despite the lack of posting during August, things have been busy at Martha’s Tea Party HQ. We’ve been busy behind the scenes baking birthday cakes, attending fetes, running Tea Parties and getting our Citroen H Van repaired.

As there’s so much to catch up on, it’s probably best for us to go in chronological order.

First off, the drive shaft repairs (anyone get the post title reference here?…)

Sparsholt Food Festival left a little grey cloud over Martha’s Tea Party. We’d be lying if we said that the disconnection of the drive shaft didn’t result in a few tears leaking from our eyes.


But never fear, SuperDad and SuperBrother are never far away. Our two superheroes swooped in under darkness, armed with a heavy duty jack and some tools AND managed to get two bolts back into the holes to reattach it. We had only found two bolts in the road when it happened, so it’s possible it had been like that for years!


Then it was time to test whether reattaching it had been successful and whether there had been any further damage done. It was nerve-wracking putting it into gear, but it reversed backwards and drove forwards perfectly.

Next came finding somewhere we trusted to look at it. Valley Gas Speed Shop in Andover fit the bill. They provided a brilliant service, and we’ll definitely be using them again!


Turns out that the wrong bolts had been holding on both drive shafts. All 8 bolts were replaced and we were ready to roll again!


She’ll be going back in to have both her front brake cables replaced and some work done on the sliding side door soon. Bet she’s loving all this attention.

Martha’s Tea Party x

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