The South Wonston Village Fete

This weekend we were excited to be part of a local community effort here in South Wonston (where we are based). It was in aid of buying a defibrillator for use in the community. We wanted to get involved, but our usual Tea & Cake offering would have overstepped the mark with the local WI ladies. So we opted for Ice Cream – after all, what Village Fete would be complete without an Ice Cream. It’s practically an institution!

We set about finding a local-ish stockist of small tubs of ice cream and settled on Purbeck Ice Cream. Then it was just the small decision of picking which flavours we wanted to sell. We decided on…promoboard

* Serious Chocolate

* Clotted Cream

* Honeycombe Hash

* Strawberry Seduction

* Mint Choc Baby Chip


* Passion Fruit Sorbet


Then we had to decide our flavour split. We ended up favouring Serious Chocolate, Clotted Cream, & Honeycombe, and ordering lesser quantities of Strawberry, Mint Choc Chip and the Sorbet. A few days later our order arrived along with our promotional blackboard and we were ready to go – all we needed now was some nice weather.

The week leading up to the Fete was a scorcher, so we were a little disheartened to see the forecast for Saturday. But after a mega storm the night before, we were greeted with sunshine and cloudy skies all day (phew!).


We arrived early to find our pitch and set up the generator and decorate the van. We were eager to win the coveted ‘Best Dressed Stall’ award, so went to town with bunting and Honeycomb Paper Ice Creams. It paid off – because at about 4pm it was announced that we had won!

During the day there were some huge black clouds that passed over,  but they didn’t put off the crowds turning up to support the community.


We were parked up next to the friendly folk from Marwell Wildlife which made us look like we’d had a few exotic visitors…

menuandconeexoticvisitorsIt was a lovely opportunity to get involved in something positive for our local community and to talk to so many people who have seen us outside working on the van or driving her around over the last few months. All the feedback was brilliant, warmed our cockles it did.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the day and that lots of money was raised for the local community.

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

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