I’ve Got The Power

After channeling our inner Snap (does this show our age?!) we are pleased to announce the arrival of the last piece of critical kit we needed… THE GENERATOR.

It was a stressful couple of days. We were expecting it to arrive on Thursday, but it came and went with no sign. When Friday arrived we were informed the delay was due to it’s weight and needing a tail lift. As Friday ticked on by, panic started to set in. Half hourly calls were the order of the day, and finally it was confirmed that it would be delivered between 3-5pm. By 4:30pm we were really starting to sweat at the thought of having to cancel an event and ending up with 486 tubs of ice cream in the deep freeze. By 4:50pm we were a quivering wreck.  After some heated phone calls, we tracked it down to a warehouse in Southampton. 20 minutes later an enormous lorry arrived. The only thing inside was our generator. Panic over.

The smallest member of the Martha’s Tea Party team was keen to hop up onto the lorry to welcome our latest addition.


Once unloaded and unpacked we had a lot of reading material and a few hours to figure out how it worked before hitting the hay for a good nights sleep before the South Wonston Village Fete on Saturday.

Thankfully, it turns out generators are quite straightforward. The most challenging bit was connecting the gas bottle as who knew we didn’t have a wrench. But that’s when good neighbours come into their own!

We not only like the fact our generator is lime green, but we also like the socket faces. Simple things… simple things.


But the best bit was that we could finally test the electrics in the van. It was a huge relief when we plugged into Circuit 1 and the lights came on.

And now the real adventure starts…

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

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