When the Plumbing gets Tough, the Tough get Plumbing…

We like to think that baking hands are flexible; if you can mix up an awesome cake, surely fitting together some pipes under a sink can’t be too difficult?! Not wanting to seek assistance from outside help, the obvious place to start was B&Q.

It was a bit more daunting than we first thought and after spending about an hour staring at all the fixtures and fittings whilst watching plumbing tutorials on You Tube, it was decided that a much better idea would be to head to a specialist shop in search of help. Plumbase in Winchester was that place. Once inside, we had the assistance of not only the staff but a whole heap of plumbers too. It was quite a relief to just be told what we needed and how it should all fit together.

After some trial and error, the moment had arrived to connect the water pump to the 12v battery.

Plumbing = conquered.

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

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