Martha and the Chocolate Factory

This week has been all about chocolate. 1.1kg of deliciously dark chocolate to be precise.

First up was a birthday cake to celebrate 4 years in business at AFS CrossFit.

AFS CrossFit Chocolate Cake

We made 3 layers of moist Chocolate Sponge, sandwiched them together with Chocolate Buttercream and covered the whole lot in Chocolate Ganache. The cake was decorated with a variety of orange and white sprinkles to complement the logo and some gold stars for good measure. We finished it off with an icing logo from Eat Your Photo and 4 orange candles as it was a birthday cake after all.

Icing Logo

“#arterialdestructionaccomplished” was the feedback we received, so it’s fair to say that the level of chocolate involved did the job!

Next up was some Mint Chocolate Brownies for a networking event in Winchester. It’s the first time we’ve done the whole networking thing, so what better way to make an introduction than to give out edibles with business card details attached. We made our brownies with a mixture of plain and mint chocolate and added a chopped bar of chocolate for the chips. After mixing up the Brownies there was a real moment of internal debate about whether to sack off the whole event and just sit down with a spoon and eat the mixture or to put them in the oven. Thankfully, we managed to get them into the oven without mishap.Baking Brownies

Once they had cooled down, we sliced them up into small squares, slipped them into bags and sealed with a branded card with our contact details on. The finished product was simple, but effective. These would work well for party favours or alternative place settings.

Promotional Brownies

We’ve got more bakes coming to the blog soon, along with the long awaited post about the interior of the van. Wishing you all a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

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