Work in Progress

Since our last post, spring has officially sprung, the days have got longer and for us they have rolled continuously into one another. We’ve practically been living in marigolds, and have got through enough paper towels and disinfectant to last us a lifetime! But we are pleased to report, that our beloved Citroen H Van is now so clean that you could eat your cake off the floor. It’s been hard work just getting her to this standard and there’s still a little way to go, but the end is at least in sight.

Achievements unlocked have included:

* Dismantling a variety of machinery for cleaning and successfully putting 
  it back together (high five)
* Navigating websites in french to source replacement parts for the van
* Knots - who knew there was an art to securing a tarpaulin!

With all the focus being on getting the van ready, there hasn’t been much in the way of baking. However, there have been Alan Partridge Cupcakes for a party with the same theme…

Alan Partridge Cupcakes

Alan Partridge Cupcake

And a mega-mix of cupcakes for AFS Crossfit


Workout hard, eat cake… right? There was so much going on in this box. We had Vanilla Sponge with Vanilla Buttercream topped with a Fondant Star, Vanilla Sponge filled with Raspberry Jam topped with Vanilla Buttercream and a Glace Cherry, Chocolate Sponge topped with Vanilla Buttercream, Raspberry Jam and a Flake and last but no means least Chocolate Sponge topped with Chocolate Buttercream and a Flake. Did you get all that, or did we lose you at the picture?

We’ve had so many requests for more pictures of the van, especially the interior – so we promise to dedicate a post to that very soon.

Until then…

Martha’s Tea Party x

One thought on “Work in Progress

  1. Without a doubt the best post workout nutrition bar none. Still a little gutted Stuart Mcrae stole the last flake cup cake. We will be ordering more of those. #musclebuildingfeul

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