Tea, Cake and Adventure

For those of you waiting for the news after the our last post, we’re sorry it’s been over a week since then!  Hopefully the news that we have a new addition to the Martha’s Tea Party team will not disappoint.

Introducing our as yet un-named Citroen H Van! Citroen H Van

Born in France in 1958, she spent her working life in the Sapeurs-pompiers (the French Fire Service). She boasts a recently upgraded 1900cc Petrol Engine, 45 brake horse power and a top speed of 50mph. Left hand drive, suicide doors, split windscreen, and unnamed buttons and levers galore she’s a real character.

Branded Hatch Citroen H Van She is kitted out with kitchen units in the back and has a side hatch fitted ready for taking orders and serving our delicious bakes. We were eager to get our new magnets on the side ready for the drive home, “any advertising is good advertising” as they say.

The journey home was rather long and a bit nerve-wracking. The gearbox requires double de-clutching, so it’s a bit different to the cars we drive today. Add on the reduced visibility with it being a left hand drive and the lack of power steering and it’s hard work! Thankfully, there were a few miles of country roads to get a hang of things before we hit the A303. Citroen H Van on the Road

As the sun was starting to set, we stopped for some dinner at the Cartgate Picnic Area. We’d only been on the road for about 15 miles, but it felt like an eternity… and we still had 75 miles to go! Road Trip!

Now with her being such an old vehicle, many of the mod-cons we take for granted are not available. Things like a petrol gauge, oil dipper and temperature gauge. At the moment these things feel quite daunting, but we’ll soon be pros!Branded Citroen H Van

After so many weeks of grey skies and not much sunshine, the day was beautiful and was ended with the most colourful sunset we’ve seen in a long time. But this also signalled it was going to get dark and we were just over half way home. As the sun dipped behind the horizon, it was time to try out the lights. Someone pointed out that she looks a bit like Darth Vader in this photo, we have to agree. Citroen H Van Lights

We finally pulled up on the driveway of HQ at about 8:30pm, weary from the drive but excited about the future.

We’ve got to make a few alterations to the set up in the back before we’ll be ready to start trading, and we’ll also have some hoops to jump through for the Local Council. So watch this space and we’ll do some updates as we go to keep you informed.

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

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