One Of Your Five a Day!

So we can’t actually vouch for that, but this carrot cake is packed full of carrots, sultanas, walnuts and orange zest and topped with pecans for extra punch. What’s the occasion? Well it’s Happy Friday of course!

This may or may not have been our breakfast here at HQ this morning…

Carrot Cake Close UpCarrot Cake and Milkshake  
This week we’ve been busy working on ‘secret’ business again. If all goes to plan (and keep your fingers & toes crossed that it does), we’ll be able to share our news after the weekend. It’s been an exciting and stressful journey just to get to this stage… and theres still two more days to go! *deep breaths*

In preparation though, some new signage has arrived. Currently living on the kitchen fridge, where it looks quite at home.

Pink Fridge Sign

BrandYou may have been wondering how the branding of Martha’s Tea Party originated. We have a very clever and talented friend who did the design for us, based on a load of collaboration work pulling out elements of other brands we admired on Pinterest. The final result was exactly what we were after and we can’t wait to see it in situ at the weekend.

On the thrifty finds front, this beautiful grey and pink Duchess China tea set arrived along with a pressed glass cake stand. All washed up and ready to be hired ❤

Vintage China

The last batch of cupcakes for the week are due to come out of the oven soon, we can’t wait to decorate them. We’ve been in fits of giggles all week! We’ll tell all next week. Until then, enjoy the weekend!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

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