If it’s good enough for royalty…

As the week has progressed, stress levels have increased and big decisions have been required. In order to fuel it, there was only one solution…

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Did you know McVities made a Chocolate Biscuit Cake for the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton? Neither did we until this morning, but if it’s good enough for royalty…

At Martha’s Tea Party, we take Chocolate Fridge Cake seriously. We believe in cramming as much chocolate as is physically possible into these little slabs of delight. To do this, we use 3 types of chocolate and cocoa powder. The result is immense.

Chocolate Three Ways

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Some people add fruit to their Chocolate Fridge Cake. In our opinion dried fruit is not a welcome addition. After all, its just taking up space that chocolate could fill.

We mix golden syrup, butter and lots of chocolate into the base. Then add crushed digestive biscuits not only for a bit of extra sweetness but for that lovely soft crunch they provide. To finish, we top with 3 types of chocolate and get a bit creative with a skewer.

Chocolate Fridge Cake

We had ours with a glass of milk, but a cup of tea would go equally well. Chocolate Fridge Cake holds up well at room temperature, but nothing beats that extra bite from cold. If your teeth are good, try it straight from the freezer.

In other news this week, we found this cute Royal Albert Sugar Bowl. It looked so lonely amongst a shelf of mugs that it had to be re-homed. Vintage China is just too pretty to sit unloved somewhere.Royal Albert Sugar Bowl

Our last bake of the week is currently in the oven, so a report of that to come after the weekend. Enjoy your weekend whatever you are up to!

Lots of Love

Martha’s Tea Party x

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