Valentines Day Cake Massacre

Valentines Day came and went, but not before much cake was baked and consumed. We were lucky enough to be a part of a few celebrations. China was boxed up and shipped out, along with some delicious bakes.

Be My Valentine bunting

On the menu was..

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes
Glazed Lemon Brownies
English Madelines
Mini Marmalade Sponges
Mini Cucumber Rolls

Some of our clients opted for a traditional offering in their teapots, whilst others got inventive and put cocktails in them instead.

Tea Cup Cocktail

Most of our teapots hold at least 6 teacups, so with a cocktail inside they are sure to get the party started.

We also got a little creative this Valentines Day and knocked up this Tassel Garland to add a little sparkle to one tea party.

Pink Tassel Garland

Whether you are into celebrating Valentines Day or not, we think it’s a great excuse for cake.

What did you do this Valentines Day?


Martha’s Tea Party x

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